Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Pierce curse and a beautiful day

If you know my brother or read his blog (sharetheboredom.blogspot), then you know that there is a Pierce curse. Our family, for know particular reason, has incredibly bad luck (along with being so forgetful and absent-minded that we often bring the bad luck unto ourselves).

This week, I discovered that taking the Gensic name does not erase the Pierce curse. It is in my blood, and now BJ is suffuring because of it.

It all started Monday night when we decided to go buy our first Christmas tree and decorate our little apartment. We picked out a 6 foot Douglas Fir tree (it's georgous) and some really cool ornaments. Then we came home so excited we actually attempted singing Christmas carols. But, of course, when we got home the first thing that happened was BJ went to unplug the tree, and it blew the fuse to the entire front half of our home. So we immediately had to go back to Walmart to get a fuse.

Then the curse continued last night when we decided to go on a walk, and after two blocks, started getting rained on (with really, really cold rain.) Now, I'll admit we were pretty stupid to even attempt a walk in the first place since it was about 30 degrees outside. We turned back immediatly, got back to our front door shaking and shivering only to find we had locked ourselves out. We tried multiple ways of breaking into our home, and both thankfully and unfortunately, our house is pretty dang secure. So we went over to my brother's, called a lock smith, and paid forty bucks to get back inside.

So, why is their "a beautiful day" in my title? My most leastest, horriblest, awfulest classes was canceled this morning due to winter storms!!!!!!!!! I HATE Spanish. Also, I didn't do all my reading for a quiz today in Art History, but now my grade doesn't have to suffer. I guess maybe God was feeling bad about the whole Pierce curse thing, and decided to give me a couple of perks today!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wedding pictures picked at random

Well, I got my wedding pictures in today. And they're georgous. And I've looked at them about a million times. And then some. Here's a few randomly picked among the number file names since I can't figure out how to see them before I download them. I know, I'm incompetent.

This is one of me getting ready. I love this one.

My family! I love them! I love this picture!

Oh my goodness! That picture is awesome, too!

I love BJ! I love wedding pictures!

Mmh, cake! Mmh, pictures!

On that note, I need to wake up in the morning, so I probably need to sleep as well.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sometimes, I think I hate English majors

In my poetry class, there is this one guy who absolutely embodies everything that is annoying about English majors (for the record, I love a good number of English majors, including my brother and Kayla, but about forty percent of English majors are irritating). So anyways, this guy has never really been a fan of my poetry, primarily because it is understandable and not so lofty you have to have the author give a fifteen minute explanation to find out what it means. Tonight, we workshopped his poem. I actually understood this poem and liked it, unlike his last two (one of which was his interpretation of a Jackson Pollock painting translated into poetry. Now really? He didn't even use colors Pollock used.) But then he ruined this brief moment of me being a good Christian who likes English majors when he started defending his decision to not put an s on the end of a word that needed to be plural for clarity's sake. It's an s! Who care?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A story about Sienna... you know it has to be gross.

The other day, Tony threw up in the office room. I gathered up all of my cleaning supplies to go take care of the mess. When I went back to the office, the puke had already been cleaned up.

Once again, dogs are disgusting.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Well, BJ has really had a knack here lately for saying the wrong thing (take, for instance, my last post). Last night, he really stuck his foot in his mouth. It was great. Or at least, it was for me.

I have the reputation in our little household of being the messy one, and, granted, I have at times earned this reputation. So last night, BJ saw an opportunity to poke fun at my tendencies when he found a pair of my boot socks out on our dresser. I was getting in bed when he pointed at them, and I quickly said, "Oh, those are clean. I was put them up." He smuggly picked up the socks and threw them into my cabinet, at which point I smiled and pointed behind him. What he failed to notice when he found my socks on the dresser is that also occupying dresser space was a clean pair of his jogging pants and four pairs of clean boxers. Needless to say, he looked a little sheepish after that one. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What ever made you think that would be a good thing to say?

Tonight I was trying on my bridesmaid's dress for Theresa's wedding to see if it needed alterations. I came into the computer room to model it for BJ. We were discussing what needed altered, and I mentioned how nice the dress looks in the chest area (it has some really pretty gathers). BJ's reply was "Yeah, for once it doesn't look too big." As a fairly self conscious A-cup, I froze. Then BJ froze when he realized what a stupid thing he had just said. Of course, he immediately started trying to remedy the situation be saying what he meant to say, to which I replied, "Next time you want to compliment me, don't try to be clever."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

an old church and an old soul

BJ preached at Nugent again today, and it looks like we're in the running for the job. We really want it, and this time it isn't just for the money. This time, we want the job because the people are amazing. During the main prayer in the morning service, the man who was praying started thanking God for all of the people in the church who had been helping him out this week around his house with jobs he never thought he would need help with. Apparantly, old age is just now really starting to catch up with him. He became very emotional during the prayer, and so did the people of the congregation who had been helping him. It was refreshing to see weakness expressed and shared instead of hidden in shame.

I also had one of those wow-I-love-BJ moments today. BJ is a fairly unconventional guy: I mean, I had to warn my parents about his earring before he came home with me for the first time. And he's fairly technical and modern in that he built his own computer and keeps up with all the newest computer technology. Also, he's liberal and nontraditional on most of his opinions, ecspecially in the church. But, today, when he had a cold and kept having to blow his nose, he used a cloth hankerchief. The last time I saw a man use a cloth hankerchief was my Grandpa Pierce: my Dad is way too young for those. I love how in unexpected, random moments, I get a peak at a really old, beautiful soul in my husband.