Wednesday, October 29, 2014

She's Like a Girl Shepherd

We are always amazed at how much Violet looks like Shepherd and Lydia at her age, but especially Shepherd. She doesn't just look like Shepherd; she sucks her thumb like Shepherd, she loves bath time the way Shepherd did at her age, and she always wants someone talking to her like Shepherd. Since we are crazy about our son, we find it pretty cute how much our youngest reminds us of our oldest. So in homage of that, here is a picture illustration of just how much they are alike.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why I Love Fall: A Confusing Love Story

I love fall for a lot of reasons: cooler temperatures, Starbucks's Salted Caramel Mocha Latte, beautiful colored leaves, and the anticipation of the holiday season. But mostly, I love fall because it is the season that I fell in love.

Ten years ago this November, I headed over to my new friend's apartment to cook dinner on a cool Tuesday night. He was a shaggy, poor graduate student named BJ who I thought was cute in a stray-dog kind of way. If you know me, you know that all of these descriptors add up to my kind of guy.

We cooked skillet lasagna out of his red-and-white-checkered Betty Crocker cookbook. It made such a huge batch that we divided the leftovers into Ziploc bags and froze them. I later learned that it took BJ a very, very long time to eat it all.

After dishes were done, we sat down on his roommate, Josh's, futon, a Native-American motifed number that could only be seen in the apartments of bachelors. While chatting, I casually dropped that my hands were cold. BJ chivalrously offered to hold them in an attempt to warm them up.

While sitting holding hands, BJ said he had something to tell me: "Kalyn, I like you a lot. I mean I really like you." I said, "I like you a lot, too. Like I really, really like you."

We were really, really articulate.

Being only a few months shy of twenty and having never had a boyfriend, I was eager to put the appropriate labels on the situation to avoid confusion, so I asked if holding hands and saying we liked each other meant we were dating. My shaggy, commitment-phobe crush said he wasn't prepared to call it dating yet. Instead, we were "seeing each other." I was officially confused.

For the next few days, I found myself fielding several questions from friends and family about my relationship status (this was long ago before one could just put "It's complicated" on Facebook.) Being inexperienced in the romance department, I did my best to clarify that we were only seeing each other. I was pretty sure we were dating, but I figured it was best to be prudent and wait for BJ to figure it out at his own pace.

Five days later while making out, BJ admitted that, yes, we probably were dating.

And ten years, an engagement, a wedding, multiple cross-country moves, and three children later, I'm really happy I went over to BJ's apartment to make heaps of skillet lasagna.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Incredible Shep

Two days ago, we celebrated Shepherd's forth birthday. Since then, I've been thinking a lot about what an amazing, gently, funny, and affectionate boy he is. Here are the top ten things I love the most about Shepherd.

1. His songs. Right now, life is a musical for Shepherd. He often narrates his day with songs made up as he goes along.

2. His eyes. They are the huge brown eyes that I fell in love with ten years ago when I met BJ.

3. His out-going personality. When he is playing at the playground in our neighborhood park, he walks up to the other children, introduces himself, and then asks, "Do you want to play with me?" Whether they want it or not, they get a new friend.

4. His carefulness. He thinks about consequences before he attempts anything. I mainly love this because I see bits of the overly-cautious Pierces in this trait.

5. His stories. He is constantly making up stories with his toys. I love sitting quietly in a corner listening to what he comes up with.

6. His contemplative moments. Shepherd will spend hours every week pacing around our yard thinking. He even hold his chin in the most classic contemplative pose.

7. His lovingness. He LOVES his family and friends, and he holds a special place for Nana, Papa, Mamm, Pap, Uncle Bro, Aunt Stephanie, and Auntie Al. While reading books with Auntie Al tonight, he asked her if she'd be her tomorrow. When she said she would, he said, "Good. I missed you when you were gone."

8. His old soul. He eats donuts on Sunday morning at the table in the Parlor where the old gentlemen sit. They have wonderful conversations.

9. His brothering. He adores his sisters. He plays and laughs and schemes and explores with Lydia, and he showers Violet with love and affection and hugs and kisses.

10. His hugs. When he wraps his arms around me, he whispers, "Everything is going to be okay, Mom."

Monday, October 13, 2014

About that last post...

While staring at the picture I just posted earlier, I kept thinking that Violet looked like some other baby I'd seen. Then I realized that I was thinking about a baby picture of my dad that hangs in my parent's house. I called Mom and asked her to send me a picture. So, what do you think? Any resemblance?

Those Lips

Ignore the mismatched sheets and unmade bed, and just focus on those adorable little lips. Sweet Violet.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Violet: The Spit-Up Machine

BJ just informed me that I have spit up at the middle of my back on my shirt. Well played, Violet. Well played.