Monday, October 28, 2013


No accidents today.  Shepherd did all of his business in the potty, and I didn't even have to ask or remind.  He just went into the bathroom when he needed to and took care of everything on his own.

BJ and I have won this war.  *insert maniacal laugh here*

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Nightmare Before Underwear

We are trying (I mean really, really trying) to potty train our stubborn (I mean really, really stubborn) son.  It's not working.

The original plan was for BJ to tackle the whole potty training bit while Lydia and I were gone last weekend for a baby shower in Abilene.  By noon of the first day, Shepherd was sobbing on the potty chair that "my legs hurt me!" (he doesn't like the feel of the potty seat on his legs.)  By five minutes past noon the first day, BJ gave up.

When I got home, I firmly said that we were done with diapers as of Monday.  Since Monday, he has only worn underwear during the day.  Unfortunately, he still hasn't actually used the potty in this time.  During these incredibly frustrating three days, I've heard my son wail, "I must poopoo laying down," "No, Mommy, I will not use the potty. Time out," and "Go away, Mommy. I'm pooping" (while squatting behind our couch.)

My sanity in standing on very shaky ground right now. I actually caught myself saying, "BJ, I've got to go poopoo in the potty." What 28-year-old says that?!?!

Unfortunately for Shepherd, his stubborn streak came straight from BJ and I, and we are on a mission.  So potty training in the Gensic house has officially turned into an epic battle of wills.  May the more headstrong win.  And with mine and BJ combined stubbornness that has been honed over decades, that little squirt doesn't stand a chance. 

(P.S. BJ would like everyone to know that he thought of the title for this blog post.  He is very proud.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Shepherd!

I am very tiredly sitting down at the computer after a full day of preparing for and executing Shepherd's 3rd birthday party.  After all the hubbub of the day, I want to take a moment to reflect on 10 awesome things about my son.

1. Shepherd is constantly picking up new skills as he grows.  However, recently he developed a particularly valuable skill: that of cleaning up dead bugs.  In our neighborhood, the fight against roaches is never won.  We have roach bait everywhere, but we still have roaches.  I don't mind stepping on them and killing them, but I HATE disposing of them.  Now, all I have to do is give Shepherd a bit of tissue paper, and he happily picks them up and flushes them down the toilet for me.  If the natural instincts of motherhood hadn't already made me love him, this skill alone would have merited my adoration.

2.  Shepherd is a performer.  Tonight at his birthday party in the midst of about a dozen guest, Shepherd sang "Jesus Loves Me" multiple times to much applause.

3.  Shepherd has big brown eyes.  Yes, they are the same big brown eyes I've been talking about for three years, but seriously, they are something to talk about.

4. Every time I dress Shepherd up, he proudly proclaims, "I look like BJ!"

5. He's creative.  During his "nap time," I had accidentally left markers in his room, so he drew spider webs all over his body so that he could be Spiderman.  This will be immortalized in his birthday pictures from today.

6. He loves Lydia (who he still calls simply "the baby"). When people started leaving the party tonight, several picked up Lydia to tell her goodbye. Every time this would happen, Shepherd would worry that they were taking the baby.  He would get a terribly concerned look on his face and say, "No, give the baby back to Mommy!"

7. He loves to read!  During outdoor time on his schedule every morning and afternoon, he makes me take out a blanket and books and we read.  I don't know that it is exactly in the spirit of outdoor time, but it is his favorite thing to do.  He has several of his books memorized, so I hardly have to read those!

8.  He gives me a sloppy kiss every night before bed.

9. After he gets a time out, he says, "I'm sorry, Mommy.  Hug me."

10. He's been excited about the candles on his birthday cake all week.  When we sat it in front of him, he couldn't possible wait until the end of the song to blow them out.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Gone too long

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  BJ has been sick with a viral infection, and I've been a wee bit overwhelmed.  I'm hoping to catch up my blog this week.  Until then, here are some pictures of the kids from yesterday.  It was the first day that actually felt like fall.  I giggled every time I looked at Lydia in these tights.  Baby girls in tights are as much a joy of fall as candy corn, s'mores, and pumpkin desserts.