Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Early Smiles

I remember being so excited when I captured a smile on camera for the first time with Shepherd.

Well, today I managed that feat with Lydia.

So, what is the consensus?  Do they look alike or not?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ruffles, fat rolls, and such

We are currently enjoying a visit from BJ's sister, Alison, and her husband, Breandan, so I don't want to spend too much time writing a lengthy post.  Instead, here are a few quick announcements to catch you up on my life this week.

-Lydia has recently acquired fat rolls on her legs.  They rock my world.

-Shepherd's face, as I have stated multiple times on this blog, is fantastic.  This week, it continued being fantastic.  

-Lydia had an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist this week.  It went well, and we left feeling reassured.  Basically, we've got a good chance that this problem is going to fix itself, and if it doesn't, we've got a pretty doable game plan.

-Today was Lydia's debut at church.  I put her in a dress with so much ruffle-age it was hard to get her into her car seat.  If that many ruffles on a 5 week-old doesn't qualify as a success, I just don't what does.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back from Menard

BJ's job is always busy, but it is about to get crazy busy in September as our church initiates a new worship minister and begins a vision finding process.  About a week ago, it occurred to us that if BJ didn't take some time off is August, it just wasn't going to happen this work year, so we headed down to Menard.  It was a wonderful week of relaxing, watching Iron Chef on DVR, passing Lydia around, and playing with Shepherd in Mom and Dad's huge yard.  Here are a few pictures from the week.

Of course, every child has to get a bath in their grandparents' sink.  Lydia suffered through bathtime with minimal screaming and crying, and she finished the bath by looking beautiful in a pink towel.

However, Lydia spent the vast majority of last week on Pap's chest.  She is having a rude awakening today.  When it is just me and Shepherd in the house, she can't be held every moment of the day.

Shepherd spent the week outside with Mamm.  They mowed...

...and went on wagon rides.

He really likes a good wagon ride.

All and all, it was a wonderful week.  Thanks Mamm and Pap for a great time!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Those Promised Pictures

After taking a couple of weeks off to figure out this whole mother-of-two thing, I'm ready to get back blogging.  Of course, I know that what everyone really wants is less of me talking and more pictures.  So in that spirit, here are 15 of my favorite pictures (in no particular order) from the past two weeks and a brief description of why they made the list.

-because even though I know hospital pictures are sort of gross, is there any better moment than the first time you hold your child? 

-because the only close second as far as great moments go is the first time you see your husband with your child.

-because when I first showed BJ this picture, he said, "She is the size of the 'd' in her name."

-because my dad was an invalid due to a recent surgery the first week of Lydia's life, so he was "forced" to sit around holding her all week while my mother chased Shepherd around.

-because when I look at this picture, my heart just about bursts.

-because I got my multi-tasking skills from my mom.

-because of that heart-bursting thing I mentioned earlier.

 -because she is named after them.

 -because Shepherd is a sweet boy who likes to share.

-because his face is so great, even when grape juice is dripping from his chin.  Now that I'm thinking about it, especially when grape juice is dripping from his chin.

 -because is just looks right having two kids on BJ during the after-work play time.

-because sometimes Shepherd shares his biggest and best toys.

-because we're the four of us now.

-because pictures are supposed to be chaotic when Shepherd is in them.

-because, oh my, those blue eyes.

On a more serious note, Lydia was diagnosed this week as having a hole in her heart.  The doctor assures me that I should not lose sleep over this because it is a common problem that can be treated and because she is obviously thriving.  But of course, mothers are better at losing sleep than they are at not worrying.  We have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist in two weeks.  Please keep us in your prayers.