Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm a home owner!!!!

We closed Tuesday morning. I've been busy ever since. Think eight year old girl. Christmas morning. Really cool dollhouse under the tree. Yeah, think that.

P.S. More pictures to come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

you what?

Something happened yesterday that has never happened in my marriage. Actually, it's never happened in the nearly four years I've known BJ. He walked in the house after a long day at work and said these four miraculous words: "I love my job." I was stunned. And really, really, outrageously happy. So the boy who was never going to be a preacher loves being a preacher. I don't pretend to know what God is thinking, but I like to think he's having a chuckle over this one.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The other day, I was sitting out on my front porch talking to one of the men from the church when I had an absolutely priceless preacher's-wife moment. He is a Harley Davidson sort of guy, gruff when he talks but extremely charitable. He's is a little older than my father, and he has a daughter about my age. I've been trying to think of an alias for this man, and for some reason BJ is insisting that I call him Pookie. So for the purposes of this blog, we'll call the man Pookie. This is the moment when I decided I really liked Pookie, but I'm glad he isn't my father:

Pookie: So how old are you?
Me: Twenty-three.
(Long silence while Pookie thought this over)
Me: (know what he was thinking) BJ is six years older than me.
(Another long silence)
Pookie: I would o' shot him.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm back

It's been a long stretch for me with no blogging, but please be understanding all you devoted readers (aka Mom). I am currently living in the middle of no where with no internet, no TV, and no (scary horror film music) Target. That's right. BJ and I have made it to Farmington.

It's been a good, though busy, first week. We've gotten to know countless people, and they have brought me an ice box full of fresh vegetables from their gardens. BJ has survived his first Sunday, and his sermon is pretty much ready for the next. We walk in the evenings on the most scenic walking routes I have ever seen, and the weather is pleasant with the highs in the 80's. All and all, we are getting off to a good start.

The only draw back is that we are border-line homeless. Financing on our house is still up in the air, so we are living in an extremely small rental home on a road that would freak the bageebees out of Erin (wink wink to my Fat Tuesday girls). I'm trying to stay positive, but I have to admit it is extremely difficult not having a place where I feel at home. As an introvert, I desperately need a home and everything that is involved in that word. I need a place that has my things scattered around it where I can cook and do whatever crazy art project comes to mind and lay on my bed (not air mattress) to read. Hopefully, it won't be long before we will know where that place will be. Until then, we appreciate your prayers that God will put us in the best possible place.