Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter with the Gensics

We headed down to Abilene the latter half of Spring Break to spend Easter with BJ's parent, his sister Alison, and her husband Breandan. We had a wonderful few days filled with card games, eating, and a wicked game of croquet (that I won - hehe). Right before BJ and I hit the road, we took this family portrait that I thought turned out pretty well:

Here is another picture from the car ride. It is of Gus using Sienna's tookus for a pillow. Anyone who knows Sienna knows this was a brave move on Gus's part.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sensitive soul or a chicken?

Gus's hair has been getting out of control for a while. BJ and I don't have a clue how to care for a long-haired dog considering we have never had one, so Gus's hair has ended up pretty crazy. Since Old English Sheepdogs are supposed to be trimmed every summer to avoid over heating, BJ decided that now would be a good time for Gus's first hair cut. My brother (who had been visiting me for spring break) and I came back from a trip to Barnes & Noble to find the house empty. I went to the back yard, and there stood BJ, Gus, and a huge pile of hair.

Gus has always been a bit funny looking, but this hair cut has taken his overall comical effect up a notch. I know I shouldn't make fun of him, but looks aren't his strong point. He's sweet. That's why I love him, which is good since he is not at his best in the looks department right now. Here is a before and after:

(from a snow storm two weeks ago)
(earlier this evening)
It's been about three days since the hair cut, and Gus has still not gotten over the trauma of the event. He didn't eat for over twenty-four hours afterwards, and I was only able to get him to eat by putting his bowl of food by my feet. He's been pretty much terrified of BJ, but they are slowly making amends. I told BJ that this dramatic reaction was due to Gus's sensitive soul. BJ says he's just a chicken.

For a final picture, here is one that truly captures Gus's state of depression over his new haircut. I think we can all feel his pain because, after all, who hasn't had a bad hair day?

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have a strange husband

The other day, BJ was running late getting home from work. I automatically knew that he had been talking to his colleague, Phil. They always have interesting conversation, so I asked BJ what they had been discussing. I've gotten several strange answers in response to this question, but this day was even a little stranger than normal: "We were talking about the plight of the prophet in today's churches." That's right, Jeremiah's job hasn't gotten any easier than when he was "weeping" about it all those millenniums ago.

I'm also always surprised to see what BJ's Bible class is talking about on Sunday mornings after he has taught. BJ is teaching the men's Bible class. He is doing a six week survey of Judges. After my women's class, I go to find BJ to hear how everything went. Usually, he has a flock of people around him asking questions and discussing his class. This week, I walked up and everyone was talking about sex. Apparently, BJ is destroying all the Sunday-school Bible stories they were taught when they were young and replacing these stories with what is really being said. Quite frankly, the Bible is a little raunchy at times. I've never seen so many expressions of lost innocence mixed with fascination.

Although BJ has always been a little strange (that's a big part of why I fell for him), I fear I am making him stranger. He is now a man who exfoliates and does yoga. Even though he married a Texan, I certainly haven't Texan-fied him.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back on the job search

It was just a year ago that we were searching for jobs and living in uncertainty over where we would end up and what we would be doing in just a few months. Once again, we're in the same position. BJ had an interview yesterday for a campus ministry position. He was really impressed with the church, but we will have to wait to hear anymore on that job. There are several other possibilities on both of our tables, so we're trying to just trust that God will put us in the right place.

Some of these jobs, including the one BJ has interviewed for, are not in Texas and are, in fact, far from Texas. I have to admit, I am terrified at this prospect. Texas is home, and I suspect it will always be home no matter where me and BJ land. But I also want to be brave (however shaky my version of bravery tends to be) about this future transition.

I would appreciate prayers as BJ and I are navigating the job pool, but I have another prayer requests that is far more pressing. Theresa's husband, Sean, was injured in Iraq a week ago, and he will be undergoing surgery tomorrow that is expected to take about ten hours. Please be in prayer for his health, recovery, and transition from war zone to the states. They are an amazing couple, and they deserve the best. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ethics in politics: what a novel idea

If you are planning on voting in tomorrow's primary, or really ever, I would recommend taking a look at this post from my brother's blog. It is a letter he wrote to the editor of the Abilene Reporter News. I think is cast some light on our moral obligation an voters to vote for who we believe would be the best elected official. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I think that as Americans with the right to vote, it is good to be reminded of the responsibility that comes with this right.