Monday, July 31, 2006

Further Tales of the Worst Job Ever

Well, BJ's day added new significance to the often heard grumble, "It's a Monday." For starters, he had to tell his boss that he was trying to get another part time job with a temp agency. After this, a tree limb fell on him, so his entire body is covered in scratches. Then, his keys, which were in his pocket, somehow caught on to the chain saw and ripped his pants. But the real icing on this cake of doom was when he accidentaly decapitated a kitten. I think it is safe to say that he has now officially chartered new territories of suckiness.

But on a positive note, I am honestly a bit proud of my husband for the job he has. I mean, he wakes up each day knowing he has a ridiculous amount of education, goes to a tree-trimming job, and comes home with such a thick coat of sawdust and dirt on his face it is hard to kiss his wife. And he does all of this so that we can pay our rent and put food on the table (and in Tony and Sienna's food dishes). I know it is cheesy, but I have a pretty amazing husband.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My little, cute, fluffy, evil genius

One of the things BJ and I knew we had to do before we moved in together was get Tony one of the really cool kitty litter boxes that have a cover and a door. This is due to the fact that my husband is obsessive when it comes to clean floors, so we had to ensure that as little kitty litter as possible escaped the box. Since Tony gets a kick out of playing in his kitty litter, I have after found kitty litter in a wide radius around his previously uncovered box.

Anyways, so Tony has a really nifty kitty litter box. I have said all of this because I am rather proud of his brilliance right now. See, Tony is currently sitting in his little kitty litter room using the swinging door to repeatedly hit Sienna in the face as she stares confusedly trying to figure out what is in this little mysterious room. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for Sienna. But the artist and mother in me is proud of the kitten I raised figuring out such a inventive and creative way to beat up an animal that weighs approximately 8 times his size.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Honeymoon Pictures

We returned from our honeymoon last Saturday. I was so happy to start settling into our home. Wednesday, we got our Honeymoon photos developed. I was so excited to see the pictures and relive the memories of the past week. What I didn't expect was that the majority of the photos go something like this: me taking a picture of BJ with him giving me the look of "do I really have to take this picture", and the following inevitably being BJ taking of picture of me in which I show him the way he was supposed to pose to make the moment truly Kodak-worthy. For example, I wanted pictures of us showing our rings. This is BJ's pathetic attempt at the yeah-I'm-married look:

This is me showing the proper yeah-I'm-married look:

Next, I wanted to document a fulfilling trip to Dairy Queen. Here is my husband's picture:

This is the pose he refused to do:

Later, we went to the zoo. BJ hates me:

I'm adorable:

Thankfully, not all of the photos fell into this sequence. Here's a good one, just to show we aren't totally dysfunctional:

My First Post

It is 1:12 in the morning. At about midnight tonight, I randomly decided to do what my brother has been telling me to do for a long time now: I started a blog.

BJ is currently sleeping and preparing for another day at the worst job in the world. He has a newly acquired Masters degree in Divinity, and he is working as a tree trimmer. He applies for about seven jobs a week and he gets about seven denial letters in the mail a week. As if to pour salt in his wounds, today he proudly cut a tree limb from about ten feet up a ladder only to have it hit a clothes wire a ricochet back to hit him in the face. Occasionally, life sucks.

The good news is today Sienna, who is always perfectly well behaved, decided to not play fetch correctly. Instead, she just stared stupidly at BJ until he was forced to fetch the ball himself. Why is the good news? It made Tony look slightly less like the horrible child in the family.