Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Rife-with-Anxiety Family Tree

I always joke that I inherited my irrational anxiety from my Dad and his mother.  There is certainly a whole lot of irrational anxiety going around that branch of my family tree, but sometimes I think certain other branches aren't helping my genetic situation, either.  Frankly, my mother can be just as crazy as me and my father. 

My brother and his wife have finally gotten to take off on their honeymoon to Prince Edward's Islands in Canada.  I was talking about it with my mom on Tuesday when she confided to me that she had not been able to sleep the night before due to anxiety.  What was the issue? Apparently, she feared that Bro and Stephanie would be wrongly accused of a crime while in a foreign land, and her and Dad are too poor to pay the legal bills that would come up in such a scenario. 

Being the nice daughter I am, I didn't make too much fun of her.  I simply reminded her that we were talking about Canada, not North Korea (or for that matter, Italy).  I record this little story to simply point out that the next time I voice some off the wall concern that has me in the midst of a panic attack, whoever is nearest should be understanding.  My gene pool really has me doomed on this front.

Monday, June 25, 2012

One of the 5000 or so reasons BJ is a a great dad

After long days at work, this is how he spends his evenings.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I was recently approached my an arts organization that is interested in possible showing my work in Oklahoma City.  Today, I've been working on the application for the show.  One of the questions asked on the application was, "What makes your world go 'round?"  While applications are typically torture to fill out, I actually had a lot of fun answering this question.  Basically, it gave me an opportunity to think about everything that makes me happy.  So just for the fun of it, here is my list:

-The friendship I share with my husband, BJ.
-Listening to my son laugh while he tumbles around the floor with his father.  It is their post-work routine.
-Cooking food that my husband and son love.
-Feeling my baby girl move and watching her slow movements underneath the surface of my belly.
-The color wheel.
-Rolling hills in Southern Oklahoma.
-Memories of my grandmothers.
-Weekends with friends and family.
-Listening to my dad play old country songs on the piano.
-Long talks on the phone with my brother.
-Good books.
-The white spots of paper that show through on a completed watercolor painting.
-The relationships I’ve been able to maintain over the years with my college friends.
-The new relationships I am building here in Oklahoma.
-The Texas Hill Country.  It is where I was born and raised.
-Birds and flowers.
-Doing busy-work with my hands.
-The satisfaction of a well cut mat and a beautiful framing job.
-Ethnic foods.
-My son’s dimple-filled smile.
-Talking theology with my husband (he has a Masters of Divinity, so it is always interesting).
-The quilts that decorate every bedroom in my home that my mother and her mother made by hand.

(If you have a blog I follow (you know who you are), I'd be curious to see your list.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My 400th Blog Post

I can't believe I've been doing this blog for this long, but apparently I have.  I started it a week after I got married, and after 6 years and 400 post, this crazy little story is still surprising me.

I feel like my 400th blog post should be something important and deep and impactful.  So naturally, I've decided to take a moment to contemplate the joys of sweaty little boys.

Now, by definition, sweaty little boys are one of the stinkier things you will come across in life.  But seriously, is there anything more wonderfully adorable than the wet strands of hair at the nape of their neck...

or their rosy cheeks...

or the sweat-soaked edges of their hair line?

I didn't think so either.  So on that note, thank you to everyone who has followed this blog for all of these 400 posts.  Love ya!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Thoughts at Six Weeks To Go

1.  Having seen Shepherd develop over these past 20 months, I'm much more aware of just how fast babies change.  Shepherd is getting so smart.  It isn't that I think he is smarter than other kids his age.  I haven't been around enough children for that to even remotely be my point of reference.  What astounds me is that he is so much smarter than he was 20 months ago.  I hope that this bit of insight will help me appreciate each moment a little more.

2.  The first letter in BGG's name is a letter Shepherd has trouble saying.  This little impediment is going to make it even cuter when he says her name.

3.  I hope that I can teach her that while most feminism is rubbish, there is good feminism.  I don't buy into the feminism that says we should all wear pants, get high paying jobs, and be more man-ish.  I also don't buy into the feminism that emasculates men to validate ourselves.  I do, however, buy into the feminism that says being a woman is a blessing, and that our gifts and tendencies and abilities make society better.  Perhaps this is why I haven't held back on the "girly" in her room and wardrobe.  I want her to know that being a girl is a wonderful thing.

4.  I pray everyday that she and Shepherd will have a relationship like mine and my brother's.  I love my brother.

5.  I'm in the particular hormonal phase of pregnancy that makes a woman mushy.  Shepherd is an affectionate and cuddly child.  If you come to visit this mushy mother and her little boy, we will likely be dancing or in the kiddy pool together or cuddled up on the couch or rocking in a rocking chair reading books.  Basically, you can safely bet that we will be somehow attached.

6.  When I start getting anxious for the due date to come and impatient to meet my daughter, I just remind myself that after pregnancy comes dieting, and I hate dieting.  This thought alone makes me grateful for the next six weeks.        

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Quilt

As you might remember, my talented mother made a hand-quilted a beautiful baby quilt for Shepherd when I was expecting him.  This past weekend, mom came to Ardmore to attend the baby shower our church threw for BGG.  The night before she arrived, I barely slept because I was so excited about seeing the quilt I knew she had just finished for our little girl.  As soon as she walked in the door Friday afternoon, I begged to see it, and it did not disappoint.  In fact, I think it is the prettiest quilt I've ever seen:

Here are a few close ups of the details:

The baby shower was beautiful, and we all had so much fun.  Unfortunately, I did not get my camera out near enough. Instead, I depended on Stephanie and Mom, and I haven't had a chance to see their pictures yet.  But below is a shot of the beautiful decorations.  Everything was peach and yellow to match the colors we are doing in BGG's space:

Since the shower, I've been in nesting overdrive.  I love getting everything ready for a new baby.  All of the details are coming together to perfectly match the quilt.  As soon as the nursery is totally done, I'll post pictures.  Until then, if there was any doubt about the gender of the baby we are about to welcome, all you have to do these days is check our lint trap: