Saturday, February 15, 2014

To the fair!

 I found out today that toddlers love fairs! Who knew? My parents, the kids, and I headed to San Angelo this afternoon for a day at the fair, and we had a marvelous time.  Mostly, we let the kids ride all the fun rides for little ones and try to win some stuffed animals.  Oh, and there might of been one or two funnel cakes thrown in as well.  Here are some pics of the day!


Friday, February 14, 2014

One week down...

Well, once again we find ourselves on a two week separation from BJ as he goes off to school for his doctorate.  This time, the kids and I have come down to my parents' house in Texas to pass the time.
We are one week in, and as much as I'm enjoying my time with family, I'm officially done with the being-away-from-BJ bit. And yet, I have another week to go.
In the past year, BJ has missed our 7th anniversary, Lydia's first birthday, and now (much less significantly) Valentine's Day. It is a clear reminder that for anything worth having (in this case, a doctorate), there are many sacrifices to be made.
Leaving "normal life" for two weeks also tends to remind me of all that is meaningful, important, and even sacred in my day to day life. Before we all left, an elder prayed for our family's safety while we all stood around the church's kitchen. Elders pray for me and my family all the time, as they pray for all of the people in our congregation. Their "normal" little prayers for me feel so holy, and I am so deeply grateful for them.
A few days after our arrival, BJ said he was really starting to miss the kids.  I jokingly said, "You're missing the chaos, aren't you?" He said, "No. I'm just missing them." The people within those two tiny little bodies are so momentously special. I am also deeply grateful for them.
And then there is the sudden absense of BJ.  I turned 29 last Wednesday. I was 19 when we met and started dating. We've spent a decade side by side. Today is Valentine's Day, so I guess I could list all the things I love about him, but somehow, he can't be made into a list.  I can't even seem to coherently say why we work without it sounding trite.  All I know is that day after day after day, we are together in almost every obstacle and joy that particular day brings, and I'll be very ready come a week from now to resume my place by his side.