Friday, December 22, 2006

The Yankees are com ... having me over for Christmas?

I'm getting a little bit nervous. We leave for my first Christmas away from home tomorrow. I love BJ's family (and my new family), but I know I will miss my good ol' biological fam. Hope I don't run up the roam minutes too much.

As soon as we get back from Illinois on Thursday, we will leave early Friday for my best friend's wedding. Theresa was my Maid of Honor five months ago(I can't believe it's been five months), and I will be her Matron of Honor next Saturday. I am so excited! But this could mean over a week until I get to blog again. (sad face).

On the brighter note, I just got my final grades in, and I managed to pull my 77 in Spanish to an A and maintained my 4.0. BJ is so irritated. He wants me to make a B or a C so badly he has actually bribed me with nice dates. Apparantly I'm missing out on something in life by always being so darn perfect.

But in a slight digression from my perfection, I received an e-mail today that I am on chapel probation. Apparently, they missed my exemption papers. I'll be fighting that battle when I get back.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's official!

Well, it's official. BJ's a preacher for Nugent. And I'm a preacher's wife. God is funny.

But seriously, we're really, really happy. They're a great church, and it feels like home. It is all older people, except for one family with three ridiculously cute kids. The men were really nice when they asked BJ if he wanted to take the position. We both feel very honored.

The best part of the morning, though, was when BJ managed to fit the word diva into his sermon. Not only did he use the word diva, but he also used it has a descriptor for a prophet. That's right. Jonah's a diva.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bad habits acquired in college

As we (when I say we, I mean my friends, family, and regular blog readers) know, Pierces are a little bit crazy. Just a tad.

So today, I was about to drive away from my brother's house where I park for school when he pulled up from giving his classes their final. I roll down my window, and he asks me, "What's ya having for lunch." I replied that I was having pickle flavored Lay's potato chips (my newest strange food item discovery that I quite enjoy). Bro chuckled and said that he was having Barbecue flavored Lay's chips. So we both went to our houses and had exceptionally mal-nutritious lunches.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Decent Job

Finally, BJ has a job that is okay. I knew everything would be alright this time when after two weeks he was still saying "pretty good" when I asked him how his day had gone.

As I look back on the past five months of financial scares and horrible employment, I can honestly say I would not trade those months for anything. We learned a lot, and grew a lot closer. And now that there is actually money to spend on a blizzard from Dairy Queen, the ice cream tastes better than it ever did before.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of our sudden contentment is that is blows away many of the truths I believed in concerning college. I thought that we went to college to get an education that would get us a job in a certain we would find fulfilling so that on our death beds we could say we did something. But what I've learned is that if BJ ends up being an electrician's apprentice for the rest of his life, that does not in anyway reflect on the value of his life. He is building relationships with his fellow workers at Watson Electric, and it's satisfying for him, and I love hearing the stories he brings home about those men.

It always bothered me when people looked down on manual laborers. My father is a maintence man at a nursing home, but I garuntee that he has meant more in the lives of those elderly people than almost any highly educated social worker. He has taken a job some might label insignificant and used it in a way that leaves me in awe and humbled.

So, yes, my husband is an electrician's apprentice with a Master's in Divinity. And I am so proud of him.


Today at work, I kept making a whole lot of mistakes. Why? Because I had just found out the exact date of my Senior art show: January the 26th. It is the first show of the year, and I am so nervous. This means no Christmas break for me. I will be working on art projects ALOT. But I'm excited. Or at least, I think I am.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shame on me

I have great regret in announcing that I bonded with annoying English major guy. We found common ground in making fun of the education department. We were making fun of the posters in an old education department room where we have class. I feel so ashamed of my moment of elitism. But is was kind of funny.