Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thoughts leading up to Father's Day...

Father's Day snuck up on me this year, so I had to rely on gift cards and Hallmark to get the job done. However, this Father's Day weekend has me thinking a lot about parenting and the man who raised me. My dad and I are a lot alike. My parenting is very much a reflection of his parenting throughout my childhood. So here are just a few things about my father for which I am deeply grateful. Happy Father's Day, Dad (Pap)! 

1. My dad always made me feel like he felt lucky to have me. Every kid should be as aware as he made me that their mere existence is a blessing.

2. He gave up vices for our family's sake. During BJ's years in ministry, we've seen some fathers who were unwilling or unable to do the same, so I've become extra aware of how lucky I was to be the daughter of this particular man. Case in point: when BJ asked me why my Dad gave up snuff, all I had to say was, "Because I asked him to."

3. He's a real sport about Lydia. If you've ever been around Lydia, you know that she isn't that friendly to most people. Dad finds her constant rebuffs funny and loves her anyways.

4. He can laugh at himself. And he does. Frequently.

5. He says sweet prayers for his family everyday.