Friday, April 27, 2007

Mama's little bear

Some posts just don't need words.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ah, how cute

Yesterday I was given the honor of being a University Scholar. At ACU, this is a pretty big deal, so I was excited. There were two students from my department, myself and Erin Holland.

The way these induction ceremonies usually go is something like this: the student name is called based on alphabetical placement of the departments, that student and the professor from their department who they chose stand up together, the professor places an Olympics-type medal around the students neck, and a minute or so long paragraph is read that was written by a member or members of their department's faculty.

These short readings are pretty consistent. They list accomplishments, significant volunteer work, publications, convention presentations, etc. But (big surprise), when the mc got to the art department, consistency was thrown to the road side. Instead of listing the cold hard facts of our accomplishments, they wrote about how Erin has more natural talent than any student they have ever had, and for me, well, let's just say this was the last sentence:

"One of Kalyn's professors said 'If I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like Kalyn.'"

And the audience went:


I had to hold in my laughter over the ever-present quirkiness of my department. But I was also kind of proud of them. I don't know if it is the extra-long classes or the nature of our curriculum or just the incredibly good fortune of have exceptionally decent people as professors, but the art professors get to know their students way past the surface level. And yesterday, it showed. Of course, it had to be at the expense of my overall embarrassment of getting the only "ahh" at a fairly formal affair. I guess that when I leave this fine institution, I will always know that although I may not have been the best student ever, I was the one they wanted to adopt.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Finally, one of our pets is turning out to be a Christian

When BJ first got his job as pulpit minister at Nugent Church of Christ, I bought him a perfect, medium size Bible for preaching. Tonight, Gus ate the corner of the cover of this Bible when we weren't looking. According to BJ, Gus in hungering for the word of God.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Saying goodbye

It seems like a vast amount of time separates this post from my last one just over a week ago. A lot has happened. Thursday afternoon, my grandmother passed away. The past few days have been a time of mourning, fellowship with family, and remembering an amazing woman.

It has been five days, and I already miss her. The last three and a half weeks before her death were awful, so I'm glad she is finally at peace, but that comforting thought won't make the healing process go quicker or be easier for my family. Since my Grandma Pierce died eight years ago, the sharpness of the pain has dulled, but I still miss her at every milestone I face in my life and every time I sit down to play the piano, which she loved so much. Now, I will miss them both.

I would like to take a moment to write down a couple of my thoughts from the funeral today. First off, this was probably one of the only funerals I've ever been to where all of the glowing, wonderful things that were said about the deceased were actually true. The speakers talked about her embodiment of Proverbs 31, her extreme submissiveness and peacefulness, her love of her family, and, most of all, her reflexion of Christ in her life. And, yes, that is all true. All I could think while sitting in that church building with over one hundred of her decendents was that we had all given grandma a reason or two to not love us so much or disagree with us or feel disappointment in us, but her love never decreased when we screwed up. She sometimes thought my skirts were too short, and I occasionally slipped and said "crap" or "sucks" in front of her, but I haven't a single doubt that she loved me dearly. Two days before she came down with the illness that took her life, she heard that BJ and I were having some money problems, and she immediately wrote a check for a considerable sum of money. Although that check is minuscule compared to everything she gave me in the past twenty-two years, I will never forget that final gift.

On a lighter note, I had a haunting moment this morning where I wondered if perhaps the ghost of Grandma might be present. My grandmother believed in reproducing rapidly (obviously, she had eight kids). In fact, one of the last conversations we ever had was in her hospital room when I assured her BJ and I would have kids and got her approval on a couple name ideas BJ and I had. So when I was getting ready for her funeral this morning, it suddenly hit me that I had forgotten something very important last night. Birth control. My Sunday pill was still there. She would have loved that.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

What makes Gus so dang wonderful

Today is our four week anniversary with Gus. It has been a fabulous four weeks full of laughter, barking, failed attempts at teaching Gus anything, and, unfortunately, more pee than I ever thought possible. As we are getting to know Gus, we are constantly learning more about his personality. Here are a few of my favorite memories or new discoveries about our precious puppy.

1. Gus is not so bright. When Emerald and I took our new puppy's to the vet last week, everyone was raving about how smart Emerald's puppy is. All anyone thought of to say about Gus is that he is fluffy. Yes, he is very fluffy.

2. Gus does not like leashes. During my fourth attempt to get him to walk on a leach, we put it on him and then decided to walk without holding the other end to see if we could just get him used to it. BJ, Sienna, and I took off walking to the park, but Gus did not follow. After noticing this, we peeked from around the corner of our house to see him sitting, leash attached, staring blankly up at the sky.

3. Gus likes water ALOT, so, therefore, Gus pees ALOT. After the rainstorm yesterday, Gus stood next to a puddle in our yard drinking water while he was simultaneously peeing. Great multi-tasking skills.

4. The old saying "His bark is bigger than his bite" was actually a prophesy of the birth of Gus. Most of the time, our house is filled with the barks and howls of Gus while he is playing with Sienna. But the second I come over to pet him or pick him up, he melts and is completely silent.

5. Gus is a little stinky. Turns out, you can use Febreeze on absolutely everything. Trust me, I have. The only think I haven't Febreezed in this house is Gus because BJ fears it would be a health hazard.

6. Gus is Sienna's new favorite toy. Also, Tony is pretty happy since Sienna now has significantly less time to eat him.

7. Everyday is the best day of Gus's life. And every time I come home is the best moment of the best day of his life. Apparently, Purina puppy chow is a smorgasbord of Prozac.

8. But best of all, Gus is really, really lovable. Just like the character he was named after, the fat and stupid mouse from Cinderella, there is no way a person can't love him. The other day while BJ and I were striving to watch TV over the noise of Gus barking while tugging on Sienna's ear, BJ looked down and said, "I'm really glad we have him." That pretty much sums it up.